PGool is a next generation computer-aided detection solution for the recognition of all known medicines, based on the state-of-the-art computer vision, deep learning, and artificial intelligence technologies. PGool helps healthcare providers to increase its efficiency with integrated decision support tools and utilizes field tested and validated application.
Instant recognition
Get full details of any pill in seconds as our neural network identifies from a wide-range of industry-available pills.
Works with any smartphone
Our Software is eligible for iOS, Android and Samsung. No additional equipment or storage is needed.
The more photos uploaded to our system, the more intelligent neural network becomes, ultimately increasing pill identification accuracy
eliminating human error with the help of AI technology
Pills Recognition Engine
Identify pill or tablet within seconds using your camera phone
Scans the imprint code that appears on the pill. For example: 40JZ Tell us your name, email and major preferences
Pill Imprint
Detects top 5 major colors from the image
Sends the picture to the ML Model to get it's boundaries
AI Algorithms
Advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms immediately identify the medications
Pill Detection Pipeline
we apply artificial intelligence to identify your medicine
PGool's AI algorithms leverage deep learning and focus on analysis and cognition of broad visual elements to address, analyze, and tackle real-world challenges. Our industrial-grade products and services integrate hardware and software and deliver optimal industrial-grade performance. Software recognizes writing, shape, and color of the pill, ultimately allowing users to identify their pill or tablet within seconds using their camera phone.
PGool software provides the ability to collect a personal data about your customers, which will give the business opportunities for development.
Introduction of high-quality AI technologies simplifies work, reduces risks, guarantees quality of service and peace of mind of clients.
Increase Customers' Satisfaction
Discover New Opportunities
Catch Up with AI-Driven Technologies
Why Should you Use PGool?
ai-enabled tool for pills recognition
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